Whats interesting in South Africa…

Johannesburg: Mandela bridge and train station



                                                                                                       Apartheid era sign for a “non-white shop”

Indian-owned store (you know Indian Hospital was one of the most cheapest place to do surgery with good quality)

                                                          African herbal store



DeBeers’ Building which shaped like a diamond (late DeBeers diamond rings only use by bride and brideroom, with new marketing strategy DeBeers can increase its sales masively. Which make sells of the ring not only for marriage event but also for successful and business woman)


                                                                                                          Apartheid Museum

Memorial for 12-year old Hector Petterson, black
student killed by white government in crackdown
on anti-apartheid student protests in 1976

Nelson Mandela’s house, a few blocks away from
Desmond Tutu’s house on Vilakazi Street, the only
street in the world with homes of two Nobel laureates!

Mobile phones and funeral parlours: more than 10% of South Africans are dying of AIDS


Restrooms in Lion Park! cool name for ladies and gents

Zebras, springbok and oryx                           


                   Family of while lions

Feeding giraffe on elevated platform (check out the looooooooong tongue!)




My friend with lion cub! (He sent me this african journey and Pics ..

(Thanks Madan)

                                             In African arts market (Just look like in Indonesia also)


(In ndonesia we call Batik, with more models and features) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batik                                         

  African woman knitting




(In Indonesia, Bali & Java is also the place where produce a lot of masks with own style)

                                            African masks

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  1. wah..jangan-jangan…malah lebih tertata..dan lebih modern nih… di Johannesburg..dibanding jakarta


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